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Laminated elements

Laminated elements

Laminated elements are made from selected spruce, fir and sometimes pine wood. They are used as raw material for making joinery. The humidity is reduced to 8-10 %, and for bonding elements glues of D3 and D4 standards made by reputable manufacturers are used.

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Laminated panels A and B class

Glued, finely sanded wooden board made of solid fir wood. Wood 18-40 mm thick intended for making shelves, boxes, shelves, tables. It can be used for cladding stairs, making door stocks, making work surfaces as well as other positions in the interior.
We produce in two classes (A and B class).

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Laminated decorative beams

  • wood humidity before assembly in production is 8-10%
  • joining elements by lamination and galvanizing
  • adhesive for bonding quality D3 and D4
  • all elements are made of fir / spruce
  • the surface of the beam treated to the stage of painting, ie applying a protective layer of wood
  • delivery in all formats by customer order, maximum length up to 9 meters

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Three layer elements

We offer you three layer (DKD euroblock) elements dimensions 86x72, long 0, 8m - 3m. We also offer you KKK finger-joint elements up to 6m long.

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Veneer strips and glued beams

Veneer strips are made in dimensions 16-20mm thick and length by your wish.

We offer you glued beams in dimensions by your request.

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