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Sawn Timber

Sawn Timber

We offer a wide selection of fir timber, spruce timber and pine timber, both standard dimensions and dimensions required by our customers.

Beam photography


We offer you high quality beams in all dimensions according to standards and our client's demands.

Beam charateristics table
Battens photogrophy


We produce fir battens and battens made of any wood requested by our clients. Battens are produced in following dimensions: 5x8 cm wide and 1-8 m long.

Battens charateristics table
Laths photography


We produce fir laths and laths made of any wood requested by our clients. Laths are produced in following dimensions: 3x5 cm wide and 1-6 m long.

Laths photography
Board photography


We produce fir board and board made of any other kind of wood. Thickness of the boards are 2.4 cm and 4.8 cm. The length of the 2.4 cm boards can be 1, 2, 3, and 4 m, and the 4.8 cm boards 3 or 4 m.

Board photography table
Fotografija brodskog poda


Decking is a suitable solution for arranging various types of interior surfaces, as well as for outdoor use. The natural fir wood from which we make the ship under its texture contributes to creating a pleasant feeling of nature and warmth.

Fotografija brodskog poda


The paneling we produce is finely machined fir wood edges. It is a good choice in the construction of modern living spaces both in the interior and in the exterior. The wood is dried in drying chambers that are under constant supervision and satisfactory humidity below 10%, which enables packaging in heat-shrinkable foil that allows safe and quality storage as well as delivery to the installation site.

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